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Real Estate Consulting

The purchasing and selling of real estate in most cases means working with the largest investment you will ever make in one's lifetime. It is natural to have questions - we are happy to help any way we can in terms of alleviating the stress that comes natural to your home or the purchase of a home. We do not charge for any consultations - nor should you pay for one.

Credit and Legal Assistance

With so many lenders, brokers, agents, and legal advisers available today - who do you trust? With over seven years of experience working in real estate, we are happy to help refer clients and those in need of help to someone we would trust. We've worked with many title companies, lenders, legal advisers or lawyers, and agents over the years; we'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

Home Buyers

Yet another daunting task is simply finding the right home at the right price that meets you or your family's needs. Reggie Real Estate specializes in 55 and over communities, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Lee County real estate. We've helped clients find anything from vacant land to condominiums to even manufactured homes. What are your needs? We encourage all to reach out should anyone have any questions. We can help.


Lastly, to our homeowners - there are so many variables that take shape when listing your home. Why are you listing? Who are you going to list with? Is your home priced comparably? If you have an agent, does your agent have experience? We may not have the answers to those questions because every situation is different, and we recognize that. What we can say, is with over seven years of experience, we can help ease your mind should you decide to sell your home.

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